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Custom Kitchen Builders For Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Welcome to Outdoor Turnkey Designs, where we redefine outdoor living by bringing the heart of your home outdoors. Our focus on outdoor kitchens goes beyond functionality – we create immersive culinary spaces that elevate your outdoor living experience. Explore the possibilities and savor the joy of al fresco dining with our meticulously crafted outdoor kitchens.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Outdoor Kitchens

Types of Outdoor Kitchens
  • Built-In Grills: Crafted seamlessly into your outdoor space, our built-in grills offer a sophisticated and permanent culinary centerpiece.
  • Island Kitchens: Create a focal point for entertaining with our island kitchens, complete with cooking, prep, and dining spaces.
  • Modular Kitchens: Designed for flexibility, our modular kitchens allow you to customize your outdoor cooking area based on your preferences and space.
  • Pizza Ovens: Infuse a touch of Italy into your backyard with our outdoor pizza ovens, perfect for gourmet pizza nights under the stars.
The Value of Outdoor Kitchens
  • Al Fresco Dining Experience: Turn every meal into a memorable experience with the charm of outdoor dining, surrounded by nature.
  • Entertainment Hub: Transform your outdoor kitchen into a social hub, where family and friends gather to share laughter and delicious meals.
  • Property Enhancement: Outdoor kitchens enhance the appeal and value of your property, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Customizing Your Backyard Kitchen Oasis

Many Materials and Layout to Choose From
  • Layouts: Explore various layouts, from L-shaped designs for compact spaces to expansive U-shaped configurations for a complete outdoor culinary experience.
  • Materials: Choose from an array of materials, including durable stainless steel for a modern look or natural stone for a rustic, earthy feel.
  • Countertops: Personalize your outdoor kitchen with a selection of countertops, such as granite for durability or quartz for a sleek finish.
Choosing Appliances and Features
  1. Grills: Select from high-performance grills, offering features like infrared cooking for precision and versatility.
  2. Refrigeration: Keep ingredients fresh and beverages cold with our outdoor refrigeration options, designed to withstand various weather conditions.
  3. Storage: Stay organized with ample storage space, including cabinets, drawers, and shelving for utensils, cookware, and more.

Get In Touch To Start Your Outdoor Kitchen Project

Let our team transform your backyard into a outdoor haven with our custom outdoor kitchen design and build. At Outdoor Turnkey Designs, we believe in the power of design and function to enhance your outdoor living space. Contact us today and let our team help you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.

Who will manage and build my project?

All projects at Outdoor Turnkey Designs, are personally managed and overseen by the company owner. This means you will have direct communication with the owner and issues/concerns are address immediately, calling back to the home office for decisions. One of our preferred methods to communicate is via a group text with all adults in the home. This allows everyone to remain on common ground and gives us the ability to notify all parties in the home of things like when workers will be on site or notification if we need access such as an electrical panel.

What are the Best Outdoor Kitchen Materials for Hot TX Summers?

Houston has a very hot and humid climate. Our team chooses materials that can withstand these high temperatures and humidity. For example, we usually recommend durable and heat-resistant materials that can resist rust and corrosion. For counter tops we typically recommend quartzite or granite as these not are resistant to the outdoor elements, but it also gives the counter its strength to support grills and sinks. For cabinetry, 9 times out of 10, we recommend a non-combustible material which can be steel framing or stone/brick. We do not recommend a wooden framed kitchen anytime a grill is present. In the end, our goal is to build not only a durable outdoor kitchen, but one that stays looking new all year round and functions like a chef’s kitchen. There are many options available to you, and our experts can help you pick the right materials for your needs.

Do You Need a Permit or HOA approval for a new Outdoor Kitchen?

Before we begin, we also check with local building codes and regulations. We have built many in the city of Richmond, Houston and surrounding areas. From electrical, plumbing and structural, we will consult you before beginning the process. In most cases, we can generate the necessary drawings and apply for a permit on behalf of the homeowner. In most sub-divisions, the deed restrictions will specify if HOA approval is required in which we will glady support you through the process.

Can You Use Existing Utilities for an Outdoor Kitchen Or Do You Need to Hire an Electrician and Plumber?

Utilities are dependent upon the layout and functionality of your new outdoor kitchen. At the beginning of every project we will assess and plan your entire project with you. During our assessment phase, we will be able to identify if a licensed electrician and/or plumber will be required. If one is required, then we will bring in the required sub-contractors to accomplish all task for your build. One of the values that we bring to the table is that you only deal with one contractor (Us) when you hire OTD.

Can You Build in an Electric Smoker into an Outdoor Kitchen?

Yes you can, in fact we can even incorporate a wood burning smoker into your design. When we design and plan your project, we will be able to review all of the functionalities you want in your new outdoor kitchen. From preparation space, ventilation, and access to reliable power sources, we will ensure every feature of your kitchen is planned out with safety and functionality in mind.

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Increase the Value of My Home?

An outdoor kitchen can boost your homes value. Especially in warm climates like Texas. It makes your home more attractive to buyers because it enhances your outdoor living spaces. The value will be based on the quality of materials used, the appliances, aesthetics, and overall design. With the right contractor, your outdoor kitchen can become a healthy return on investment.

Do Outdoor Kitchens Require Maintenance?

This depends on the materials and appliances chosen. For example, stainless steel appliances and weather resistance countertops require minimal maintenance, and are fast and easy to clean. You can also cover your kitchen when not in use, which will prolong its life span considerably. Plumbing and electrical systems are also maintenance items, which we take into consideration as we plan your project.

Which Features Are Available For Outdoor Kitchens?

There are essential features like a built-in grill, cabinets and counters. There are many additional add-ons available to you. Some of these are a refrigerator, sink, built in ice chest, dry panty, hidden trash cans, side burners, seating areas and even a TV for entertainment. Some of our clients have integrated pizza ovens, smokers, fire features and bars. We can help you with these ideas, and tailor the kitchen to your lifestyle and needs.

How Long Does It Take to Build An Outdoor Kitchen?

This will be based on the design of your kitchen, and the size of the project. You also have to take into account the experience and skillset of your outdoor kitchen contractor. Whether they are rotating through multiple projects or completing one at a time. With our team, most kitchens can be completed within weeks, and more elaborate setups can take longer. We do not rotate through multiple projects, and instead focus on one at a time.

There are other factors which can slow down the build phase, which are permits, availability of materials and weather conditions. When you hire our team, we will discuss all of these options and variables with you and explain why they can decrease or extend the life or your project. We will also provide a timeline before the project begins, so you are clear on the steps and time that will be needed to complete your project.

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